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Finding your uniqueness

Many of my recent clients come to me because they feel unsatisfied with their current job situation. They have the desire to find out which job really would make them feel joyful and fulfilled.  I support them to take their first step and find their uniqueness. Do you also dream about a job, which you’re really passionate about?

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How to find your way back to creativity

I have taken a couple of wrong decisions in my private life the past few weeks. I haven’t been inspired neither excited to write articles or lead workshops. There are phases in our lives when there is no flow and that’s okay. Nothing is wrong. It’s simply just life trying to teach us something. I want to share what I’ve learned recently about what helps me to find my way back to creativity.

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Ten things I did to make sure there was movement in my life 2017

A year ago I wrote my first blog article. Since then I have kept on writing articles regularly. It has supported me to stay committed toward myself, and to live what I preach. Writing has also become a way for me to acknowledge my learnings. Today I wish to share and acknowledge my most important learnings this year, and I hope I will inspire you to make a similar list.

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How I stopped being a victim and started taking responsibility – tips how to feel at home in a foreign country

I remember my first weekend in Berlin ten years ago, when I walked the streets of Schönhausser Allee and cried on the phone while talking to my boyfriend. I had moved here from Warsaw, and he wasn’t in town.

I was devastated, I had left my well-paid job, my great friends and a cozy apartment, which I just finished renovating. I had left it all to follow my heart and live with the man I had fallen in love with.

I was sitting on the terrace in his huge apartment feeling terribly lonely and wondering what on earth I had done.

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Are you really ready to get what you want?

I heard the question “How much do you want what you want?” some time ago and I find it so powerful. I often hear myself, my clients or friends expressing wishes, I want this or that to happen in my life. Most of the time it stops there. We want something but nothing happens. The question is not only how much we really want it, but also: Are we ready to get what we really want? I will give you some ideas what might block you from doing what you want, and I will share what works for me and a very personal story.

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Are you a drama queen?

Are you a drama queen? Are you creating a little drama out of every misunderstanding or unfair situation which is happening to you? Do you spend hours trying to understand why somebody treated you badly? Do you blame parents/partners/old schoolteachers for not living the life you deserve? This used to be me.

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An introduction to SLOW SUCCESS – tips for entrepreneurs and mothers

Some time ago I was asked this question during an interview: “How do you deal with the ongoing changes in your life and still be able to maintain a balanced lifestyle?” Lately I have become more and more busy with my work as a Life Coach and I have been challenged to juggle between work, family, friends and other commitments. I want to share some of my thoughts and give you some tips on the way.

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Make self-love your priority


Throughout life, many of us women are taught to express love outwards – to be kind to others, to share, to show others compassion and empathy. But when it comes to giving ourselves love and attention, it usual tends to be much more difficult.

I want to share parts of my journey towards self-love and my thoughts why it’s so crucial to everyone of us.

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Step into your light and live your truth


A couple of months ago I stepped into my light and fully showed up. I decided to never hide in the shadow again.

What does “step into your light “mean?

If you observe small children, you often see their unconditionally smiling and curious faces. Life is pretty simple. They just are. They shine.

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Hi, I’m Kasia, a Life Coach helping women who choose to create big shifts in their lives – personal or professional. Welcome to my blog, where I share real-life stories and offer valuable and practical tips for how to live a fulfilled life. Passionate about helping you discover your unique talents and supporting you to create extraordinary relationships with others, as well as with yourself. I also share my wisdom for how to deal with challenges that come your way.

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