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3 steps to starting the new year with more energy

new year with more energy

How can we start the new year with more energy after yet another strange year of living through a global pandemic and difficult experiences?

“But you didn’t land in hospital”. “It could have been much worse”. “Imagine how it would have been if you were a single mum and had more children”.

The external voices of comparison were louder than my own inner voice of acceptance. I know that friends and family meant well and were just trying to cheer me up, but I didn’t need cheerleaders, nor did I need to hear about how it could have been worse.

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Give yourself permission to rest: 7 ways to quiet your thoughts

It was late in the evening. My upper back was aching, and I was stress eating another cracker with cream cheese. My eyes were tired—from wearing my contact lenses too long I told myself, but the truth was, I had been staring into a screen for more than 12 hours. I just need to check my email, just have to see if my daughter handed in all her homework, ahhh I forgot to answer a message on WhatsApp, a colleague wanted some business advise and oh yes there was that bill to pay and, and, and…

Sounds familiar?

Are you someone who is constantly stressing about not doing enough? Thinking there’s always more you need to do? Feeling anxious because there is never an end to your to-do list?

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Life-Learnings From an Extraordinary Year

Feeling calm and present, I pour raspberry tea into my favorite cup. I have just devoted a couple of hours to my annual ritual – bringing my year to a close and celebrating the extraordinary things I’ve learned. When I drink my tea it not only warms my body after a walk in the cold, it also warms my heart because it reminds me of Michaela Boehm who has the same Iittala cup that I do. Michaela is my embodiment teacher, who I have seen drinking tea many times over Zoom, in 2020. One key reminder this year was – it’s the small things that matter! Today, I will share my personal journey from 2020, then, invite you to answer some powerful questions to help you to mindfully complete your year.

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Making Time For Yourself Will Lead You To What You Are Longing For

“My biggest takeaway from the sessions with you was that I invested time in myself!”. One of my clients just completed a coaching program with me. Over the course of eight weeks, she went from being completely overwhelmed, to creating a life with less pressure and more time for meaningful relationships. I hear from a lot of stressed out working women who say they simply have no time to invest in themselves, and I know how hard it can be. These days, I block out time in my calendar so I can recharge regularly, but it was not always like this.

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How Saying ‘No’ To Others Mean Saying ‘Yes’ To Yourself

How do you feel about the current situation and the relaxed regulations? Do you feel happy to do the things you have been longing to do, or do you feel overwhelmed and anxious? Today, I will tell you why I choose to be uncool and transition slowly into the “new normal.” And I will share some tips on how taking it slow will benefit you too.

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Practice Staying Calm During Trying Times

It’s week 9 of… I was going to write “lockdown” or “home retreat” but none of those descriptions fit anymore to what this feels like right now. I found a new word, inspired by the trauma therapist Edith Eger, who says there is no such thing as a crisis. She says there are only “transitions”. It’s week 9 of our global transition and I would like to share parts of my process with you and give you tips on how to practice “choosing calm”.

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Compassion can help you stay calm during the COVID-19 crisis

Today I received a notification on my mobile phone: Your screen time was up 47% last week. I guess most of you feel the same when I say I have never experienced something like this before. I don’t even have to write the C word, you all know what I mean. At first, it all seemed like a big exaggeration. I was still distanced from it all and couldn’t register the actual severity of it. It happened in Italy but it won’t happen to me.

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Slow down and simplify to make more time for what really matters

I’ve been aware of the idea of creating space, slowing down and simplifying for some time, but until recently I was not able to fully grasp what this idea is all about. When I moved to Germany 12 years ago, I didn’t think I could afford to slow down. I needed to learn a new language, build up a network, and learn how to deal with bureaucracy. I was constantly doing something.

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