An entrepreneur, coach, trainer and believer that miracles happen every day.

My vision is to help women who choose to create big shifts in their lives – personal or professional.

Dedicated to making a difference in how YOU feel about yourself. Here to help you live a life that feels more authentic and fulfilled. Passionate about helping you discover your unique talents and supporting you to create extraordinary relationships with others, as well as with yourself.

When we become more aware of who we are and show up with our whole self, we start attracting what we want in our professional and personal lives.

During different times of our lives, we all need someone to remind us of our true power within. Someone to guide us when we’re stuck in a life situation that feels unfulfilling.

I’m here to help you reconnect with who you were before the world told you who you should be!

Personally, I went from being a high achiever, addicted to adventures and a workaholic constantly on duty for one of the world’s biggest news agencies, to slowing down, finding my life partner and moving to Berlin where I created a family and found my dream job.

I’m not saying it was easy, but I believe that everyone has the power within to change one’s life, no matter the obstacles.

I’m proof that if you follow your heart – everything will eventually work out.

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Are you at a point in your life when you have realized that happiness has nothing to do with your outer life and external things?

Do you wonder what’s next in life? Or feel like there’s something more out there?

You are not alone.

Are you a high achiever, always in a rush, spending most of your time caring for others’ needs but not enough time caring for your own? Do you have difficulties slowing down so that you can enjoy what you are doing in the present moment?

While you’re stuck in your head, the past or the future, you’re missing out on actually living your life!


• choose to create big shifts in their lives – personal or professional
• want to find a balance between thriving at their career and being a great mother
• face challenges because of a new job or moving abroad
• want to bring more joy, flow and positivity into their lives
• have made the powerful decision to change what’s not working for them

I meet you right where you are, and I coach you into life-changing breakthroughs.

With both lightness and depth, I ask powerful questions that will change the way you look at yourself and the world.

During our face-to-face or Skype sessions, we unravel what’s blocking you from living a life you desire.


• long for more clarity in their life
• struggle to follow through with what feels right
• urge to grow their confidence
• aspire to improve their relationships
• wish to be seen, heard and understood
• want to be guided by somebody they can trust

If there is a voice in you saying YES THAT’S ME! – don’t wait another couple of years until the situation gets more urgent. The more time you spend on becoming yourself – the person that you really want to be – the more impact you’re going to have on creating your desired future.

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Arrow learn how to care more for your own needs

Arrow rediscover who you really are

Arrow get to know your unique gifts

Arrow improve communication with people in your life

Arrow receive hands-on tools to use in your everyday life

Happy clients say…

I very much enjoyed my coaching sessions with Katarina, which took place in a very peaceful, warm and respectful atmosphere. She immediately knew what I needed and she helped me unravel the questions I had about my past, present and future. I learned to trust my own feelings and I strengthened my confidence. The work helped me to see positive aspects of my life instead of getting stuck in negative thinking and self-sabotage. At the end of our coaching package I saw a powerful, shining part of myself that I had never allowed to be seen before. This was an important breakthrough – thanks a lot, Katarina!

– Maren, Germany

What I highly appreciated during the coaching process was that I felt really seen by Katarina. She is a highly sensible and empathetic Coach. After every session, I got something new and valuable in the form of hands-on tools that I could implement right away in my everyday life. Today I feel more strengthened, and I have obtained a more elaborated sense of awareness. The sessions had a great impact on my life and I can really recommend Katarina to anyone who wants to get in touch with her true feelings and learn how to communicate them more easily.

– Nicole, Belgium

I started my coaching journey with the feeling of tiredness and disorientation. Now, with hindsight, I can see that what I searched for was not so far away, and with Katarina´s help I got tools to find the way. Katarina´s clearness, openness and warmth made me feel secure at the same time as I was challenged in my habitual ways of thinking. I warmly recommend Katarina to all who want to understand themselves better and invest in a life filled with more energy.

– Anna, Sweden

Katarina is a wonderful, warm soul. She has helped me rediscover who I am while making me a better communicator with the people who matter most in my life. She released me from old, negative ways of thinking. She also guided me through letting go of physical and emotional baggage. Thank you, the tools you have equipped me with I will use forever.

–  Joanne, Germany

From the very first moment I met Katarina at her coaching practice, I felt surrounded with peace and calmness, which allowed me to relax right away. This was magic. I felt that this is the time, place and especially the person who could help me to look deeper into my heart and care more for my own needs. I truly recommend her to anyone wanting a life change.

– Anna, Poland


Empathetic yet firm Katarina encouraged me to re-engage with my inner self. The sessions were both enlightening and challenging – switching off my analytical mind and confronting my feelings was a noteworthy experience which brought me much clarity. Flexible in her approach Katarina also has the ability to quickly sense what is needed and is equipped with various tools to match accordingly. If you’re seeking to gain personal enhancement and “come unstuck” with yourself then do consider Katarina…I am very happy that I did!

– Natasha, South Africa


Every time I meet Katarina I get to know myself better. It’s magical, my hidden feelings and unspoken thoughts just want to come out. Katarina is different from other coaches, instead of teaching, she create new experiences. She truly is made for creating this safe and heart space. Thank you so much!

– Christine, Germany