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How Saying ‘No’ To Others Mean Saying ‘Yes’ To Yourself

How do you feel about the current situation and the relaxed regulations? Do you feel happy to do the things you have been longing to do, or do you feel overwhelmed and anxious? Today, I will tell you why I choose to be uncool and transition slowly into the “new normal.” And I will share some tips on how taking it slow will benefit you too.

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Practice Staying Calm During Trying Times

It’s week 9 of… I was going to write “lockdown” or “home retreat” but none of those descriptions fit anymore to what this feels like right now. I found a new word, inspired by the trauma therapist Edith Eger, who says there is no such thing as a crisis. She says there are only “transitions”. It’s week 9 of our global transition and I would like to share parts of my process with you and give you tips on how to practice “choosing calm”.

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Compassion can help you stay calm during the COVID-19 crisis

Today I received a notification on my mobile phone: Your screen time was up 47% last week. I guess most of you feel the same when I say I have never experienced something like this before. I don’t even have to write the C word, you all know what I mean. At first, it all seemed like a big exaggeration. I was still distanced from it all and couldn’t register the actual severity of it. It happened in Italy but it won’t happen to me.

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Slow down and simplify to make more time for what really matters

I’ve been aware of the idea of creating space, slowing down and simplifying for some time, but until recently I was not able to fully grasp what this idea is all about. When I moved to Germany 12 years ago, I didn’t think I could afford to slow down. I needed to learn a new language, build up a network, and learn how to deal with bureaucracy. I was constantly doing something.

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You can’t have it all!

Did you ever hear about Super Woman Syndrome? The intimacy coach Michaela Boehm speaks about the “Plight of the Modern Woman” in her book “The Wild Woman’s Way” which has inspired me enormously over the last few days. I’m writing to you from Palma where I’m taking a break from my daily duties and all the noise in my head. I arrived exhausted and stressed and I want to share a couple of insights to help you get through times of stress also.

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Mindful Ways to End Your Year

It’s the third year in a row now that I am setting aside time to complete my year. I see it as a beautiful ritual that supports me so I can start the New Year mentally strong. I will share some of the things I personally learned and give you a couple of powerful questions to ask yourself so that you also can achieve completion in 2018.

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Set healthy boundaries and take control of your life

Do you mean YES when you say yes? Are you able to say NO when you mean no? A lot of us struggle with setting boundaries, especially when it’s about putting ourselves first and doing what is best for us.

Can you set limits and still be a loving person? 

I’m sure many of you recognize this question. We’re brought up believing that we need to think of other peoples needs before our own, no wonder we’re afraid of setting limits and scared of being labeled as selfish.

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