How To Learn From And Celebrate The Past Year

Published on Dec 28, 2023

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Even if we refuse to make New Year’s resolutions, most of us feel this is a time for rebirth, renewal and growth. It’s a potent time to reflect back on the year and learn what worked and what didn’t so that we can do things differently moving forward (and properly acknowledge our achievements!).

So before you rush off with all your plans for 2024, use my free workbook ‘COMPLETE & CELEBRATE 2023’, and reflect on, learn from, and celebrate your 2023 experience!

5 of my biggest learnings this year

  1. If you take your health seriously, you will have to invest money and time to find the right people to help you. Good health is the foundation for everything we do, from parenting to managing our work, therefore I made health a priority this year.
  2. Follow YOUR dreams even when other people don’t support you. When I started to plan a semi sabbatical to Thailand, my husband was not on board. When we eventually did it at the beginning of this year, he was thanking me every day!
  3. Your body gives you warning signals. It didn’t matter how much my mind tried to convince me to go against what my gut screamed, in the end, my body was always wiser. When I listened to the warning signals, I made better choices.
  4. Special friends will walk the extra mile for you! I made another dream come true by renting an old finca on Mallorca where I celebrated my 50th birthday with my family and close friends.
  5. Stay with the same mentor/coach if you’re happy. Michaela Boehm has been my mentor for the last four years. This year I went on my first retreat with her to Portugal and had a profound experience!
Life coach Katarina Stoltz on retreat in Portugal

From breakthroughs to breakdowns

Our learnings usually come from our challenges. When we go through a challenge and overcome it, we learn something new and become wiser. When we take time to reflect on what we’ve learned and how we can act differently in the future, this is how we grow personally.

And we all want to grow, don’t we?!

So welcome the breakdowns and the challenges, because without them, you wouldn’t grow as much. Every breakdown leads to a breakthrough. It might not happen immediately, but eventually it will!

And when you come out on the other side, don’t forget to celebrate. This is something I often see my clients neglect – celebrating themselves and their milestones.

5 things I am celebrating this year

  1. Working less and still having the same income. I took 10 weeks of holiday and didn’t work weekends. This enabled me to prioritise my health and spend a lot of quality time with my family.
  2. Creating my first group career coaching programme. I put my best content into the amazing ‘Reignite Your Career’ programme. If you want to join the second cohort, add your name to the VIP list here.
  3. Keeping my promise, staying the course, and not giving a smartphone to my daughter. My hope is that she one day will be able to say: ‘My success in life is partly because I didn’t use a smartphone my first 12 years, and could develop through creative play instead’.
  4. Investing in my health. I finally figured out the best supplements to take and how much I needed to feel my best. I started working with a new expert in women’s health, an ayurveda practitioner and a personal trainer at my gym.
  5. Getting organised with money. It took a couple years of trying to do it on my own to realise I needed a financial manager. It’s just not my zone of genius, so I outsource it!

Reflect with my workbook

I invite you to pause, reflect and take time for YOU.

Look back before you look ahead.

Without looking back and learning from our mistakes, we would keep doing the same things repeatedly without moving forward.

Without celebrating our achievements, we would constantly feel ‘we’re not good enough’ and only focus on what we are lacking, instead of how much we have grown.

So block out some time in your calendar before this year is over, and fill out my  ‘COMPLETE & CELEBRATE 2023’ workbook.

Complete and celebrate 2023 workbook by Katarina Stoltz Coaching and Therapy

How to use the workbook

  • Clear at least one hour in your diary.
  • Find a quiet space where you can focus without interruption.
  • Complete it alone or with a friend.
  • Be honest. You don’t have to share your answers with anyone.
  • Print it or fill it out online.




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Learn how to break free from overthinking to feel healthy, happy and confident – the easy waywith my free guided journal.

Learn how to break free from overthinking to feel healthy, happy and confident – the easy way – with my free guided journal.