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I have taken a couple of wrong decisions in my private life the past few weeks. I haven’t been inspired neither excited to write articles or lead workshops. There are phases in our lives when there is no flow and that’s okay. Nothing is wrong. It’s simply just life trying to teach us something. I want to share what I’ve learned recently about what helps me to find my way back to creativity.

My promise to myself.

I promised myself three years ago to take part in one retreat a year. I was on Crete two years in a row for a “Light and shadow retreat” and a “Soul retreat”. This year I didn’t want to follow a specific program, this year my strongest wish was to follow my own rhythm and take part in workshops when I feel like it and partly be in silence.

Right now in Thailand.

After a couple of days of just rest, no plans and chilling out on my self-created retreat in Thailand, I noticed how joyful, inspired I feel and how much kindness I’m showing myself.

I wasn’t sure where my inspiration had gone to lately, maybe it just had left me in peace for a while. Now I see it was not only the acceptance of my current state of being that brought me inspiration back, it was also my CURIOSITY, my constant curiosity on people and the world around me.

I realized that my curiosity is my STABILITY, my pillar to lean on and my solid foundation while inspiration and excitement come and go.

My curiosity led me to go dancing.

Yesterday I was ready to take part in the first workshop here on Koh Phangang. My curiosity led me to a “Sacred tantric dance” gathering with women. I have never taken part in a workshop like that before. Still it felt totally natural.

When we started to share our ideal lives, I saw how much I had in common with all those women, women I had never met before. I felt totally PRESENT and AWAKE even though I hadn’t slept much the night before.

We were asked to share the two most present feelings we experienced while fantasizing about living our ideal lives. Mine were: ALIVE and AUTHENTIC.

The teacher showed us a couple of techniques which we can use in order to bring forth these feelings. One of them was to dancing the feelings in the middle of a circle of women while they scream out the qualities they see in us.

FREEDOM and ALIVENESS they screamed to me.

At the end of the workshop each of us completed a meditation dance and received feedback from the other women.

The teacher told me: “What I appreciated in you was how you dared to express your AUTHENTICITY.”

I was moved to tears. So many years I’ve spent on learning not to push, pretend or perform. I’ve desired to discover my true self and bring her back to life, and here I stood in my light of vulnerability, gentleness and truth, fully expressing my authentic self.

It can’t get much better than this.

What is your most desired self-expression?

Authenticity is the way back to creativity.

I’m sitting on the terrace of my bungalow, watching the rain become one with the sea. And I know that this is one of these very important days I will always come back to, to reminding myself of how I want to feel, being alive and authentic.

It’s of course easier to open up to your desired feelings in Thailand on a retreat, but when we become aware of HOW we want to feel, and we remind ourselves which our most desired self-expressions are, I believe that the journey to our ideal life will be much shorter than if we would live without this awareness.

Do whatever you need to do to open up to these feelings, go for a retreat, take a break from your everyday life routine or whatever works for you, but do it, it’s so much worth it, I promise!

When you feel a lack of inspiration, ask yourself:

What are you REALLY interested in?

When you feel tired, unmotivated or restless, ask yourself:

Which step do I need to take to access my most desired feelings?

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