Create a year you love – my first life coaching workshop in Berlin!

Create a year you love through life coaching


These are my core feelings the day after I hosted my first life coaching workshop “Create a year you love” at JuggleHub in Berlin. I had the pleasure to co-create it with 15 beautiful women from around the world.

I’m so touched by the openness these women showed me, and how they fully trusted the unknown. I feel really hopeful seeing their willingness to look at themselves from a new perspective.

The main topic was, how to set goals from our hearts and create more self-care and connection in our lives. I believe that there is ONE main thing to do and look at to avoid stress, conflicts and unhealthy living in general- and that is self-care.

It’s easy to get caught up in a busy schedule and balancing work, family, friends and other commitments. It takes up a lot of energy and leaves little time for ourselves. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we will end up worn out and not being able to care for others. Maybe even get a burn out.

That’s why I’m out on a mission to inspire other women to follow the journey I started about 3 years ago- the INNER JOURNEY. It’s about living your truth and becoming free to be yourself.

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If you are ready to start living your truth and become free to be yourself, I offer one-to-one coaching sessions either in my practice in Berlin or via Skype.

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Feedback from the participants of my workshop:

“I absolutely loved it. It was different from other workshops that focus more on teaching. Here I really had an experience, with others and myself. You made everyone feel so comfortable by being you-truthful and approachable. You are MADE for creating this kind of safe and heart spaces!”

“I truly enjoyed Katarina’s workshop. It was inspiring, fun, heart warming and intelligent. I would deeply recommend it to anyone who wants to reconnect with their heart’s desire”

“Thank you so much for giving me the time to reflect on very essential things in my life that I always tend to push away from me with the excuse of lack of time”

I am deeply touched!



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Learn how to break free from overthinking to feel healthy, happy and confident – the easy waywith my free guided journal.

Learn how to break free from overthinking to feel healthy, happy and confident – the easy way – with my free guided journal.