Celebrate your success with people who are as adventurous as you are

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How our belief system influences us

Growing up in Sweden I was early confronted with the belief that people should not be too proud and loud about their success.

In the end of my 20’s, I left Sweden and moved to Poland. There I was surrounded by a culture, where people showed a lot of pride and it was hard to find someone who was not louder than me!

A couple of years ago I moved to Germany. Here I am being confronted with the same belief system, with which I grew up with.

Stop talking to small thinkers

Last week I proudly shared a success with a group of people in Berlin. However, I was not met with a very supporting or loving feedback. At first I was surprised and disappointed. Later I started looking into what I could learn from it.

I am being confronted to heal something from my past

A friend advised me “share your ideas with people who are as adventurous as you are.”

I read a blog by Fabienne Fredrickson with the title “stop talking to small thinkers” where the author addresses the issue how dangerous it might be to share your revolutionary ideas and big dreams with small thinkers.

“One of the biggest dream killers is asking advice of people who’ve never done what you’re trying to achieve, who’ve never taken big risks and who have never had the courage to step outside of their own comfort zone to achieve their own potential for greatness.”

With every new insight comes a new challenge

What I learned from last weeks experience is that I will share my successes with people who are as adventurous as me, or with people who are working on bringing out their adventurous child.

Germany is the perfect place for me to be – to heal the wound that screams,

“I am too much.”

I believe that the collective thinking in Germany tells us that we should “fit in” (anpassen). This approach really challenges me to practice accepting who I am.

I will always be “too much” for someone. I start to accept that.

Create a network of supporting friends

One of my promises for 2017 is to identify my people. That means to me, being surrounded with people who bring out the best in me.

People who love seeing me grow, who wish me well, who see my vulnerability as a strength – not as a weakness. People who believe that success is something beautiful and something worth sharing and not something I shall hide.

“Create a tribe with people who say YES to possibilities”  Danielle Laporte

And yes, there are times when holding back our successes can be appropriate. But we are too good at that, so let’s practice showing up in our full pride.

It’s time to celebrate life! 

Today I am celebrating that my workshop, which I am hosting next week, is fully booked!

I feel proud, honored and so inspired of what life provides me when I take a step out of my comfort zone.



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