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Are you a drama queen?

Are you a drama queen? Are you creating a little drama out of every misunderstanding or unfair situation which is happening to you? Do you spend hours trying to understand why somebody treated you badly? Do you blame parents/partners/old schoolteachers for not living the life you deserve? This used to be me.


I constantly blamed the world for my unhappiness

I used to spend hours analyzing, dramatizing and trying to understand why I wasn’t happy. What did I learn? A lot about why things turned out the way they did, but I was still stuck in my unhappy life. And the worst thing was that I kept on making the same mistakes.

It was much easier to blame the world and stay the same then really get to know myself and make a change.

Drama does not just walk into your life. Either you create it, invite it, or associate with it.


This is what works for me

I did not move forward until I started to look at my needs behind my drama. I believe that creating a drama is a result of our unfulfilled needs. Most of the time it’s needs like:

I need to be cared for
I need to be listened to
I need to be seen

Becoming aware of our needs and wishes is the first step out of drama.


Today I am a recovered drama queen

It took me a lot of courage to get to know the drama queen in me. Today, most of the time, I recognize when I create drama and I can decide to:


It has not only given me fulfillment, but also a sense of inner peace.

And believe me, life does not get boring without your dramatic outbursts! Life as it is in it’s true nature is exciting enough and doesn’t need to be filled with theatrical stories.

With minimizing drama in your life you can expect:

– More time for things that are important to you
– Less confusion and more clarity
– A more loving relationship with friends and family
– A sense of responsibility for your current reality
– Feeling less tired/exhausted/sick


Life with less drama is a possibility for you too

If you wish to learn how to minimize drama in your life and look at your needs behind it, I offer one-to-one Coaching sessions.

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