Think you’re wasting your time?

Woman distracted looking at phone worried she is wasting time if she isn't always busy 
I have a confession to make. I said I would never look at my e-mail while waiting for the traffic light to turn green in my car. When my husband does it, it always annoys me, “are you crazy? It’s really dangerous!”

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How to rest without guilt

Woman who has learnt to rest without guilt reading in a hammock on a beach in the sun 
I told my neighbour I was back from a 4-week holiday, and she looked at me with surprise and asked ‘how is that for your clients’? I checked in with my inner judge, but it turned out she had nothing to say today.

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How to Find Time For Your Relationship

Couple holding hands making time for their relationship

I look at the sea from the little sand dune where we’re hiding from the sun under a tree. Bright spots shine like diamonds on the water’s surface. No loud music, no plastic pop-it toys. Just him and me and some other tourists at a far distance.

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