I’m Kasia, Transformational Life Coach and Trainer,
and I’ve some important questions for you

Are you being yourself?

When exactly are you being yourself?

How would your life look like if you were being more yourself? 

I’ve found my life purpose – to be myself. No compromise. And I’m on a mission – to support other women to follow the same path



With both depth and lightness I ask powerful questions that will change the way you look at yourself and the world.

I meet you right where you are, and I coach you into life changing breakthroughs.

I believe that the most important changes occur when we become more aware of whom we are, not when we’re trying to become someone we are not.

Feeling fed up with compromising on who you are?

Ready to ditch pretending and show up?

Open for developing into a better version of your self?

You’re in the right place! 

I work with courageous women who have made the powerful decision to step out of their comfort zone and have a look at who they really are and what they truly want.

Are you…

struggling to find a partner?
feeling not understood?
mad at people for not listening to you?
frustrated with your kids who never do what you say?
experiencing lack of confidence?
having problems with getting pregnant?
saying YES but meaning NO?
wondering what on earth you are doing wrong?
behaving like a man but being a woman?
experiencing lack of inspiration?

If there is a voice in you screaming Hell yeah- that’s me! to at least one of the questions, then don’t wait another couple of years.

This is your life my friend – happening right here, right now!

It’s time to discover that you’re powerful beyond measure.

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• gain clarity on what is hindering you from moving forward

• complete “unfinished business”

• increase your confidence

• find more harmony in your life

• learn how to take responsibility for all your actions

 improve communication with people in your life

• start creating a life you love to live

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Happy clients say…

Empathetic yet firm Katarina encouraged me to re-engage with my inner self. The sessions were both enlightening and challenging – switching off my analytical mind and confronting my feelings was a noteworthy experience which brought me much clarity. Flexible in her approach Katarina also has the ability to quickly sense what is needed and is equipped with various tools to match accordingly. If you’re seeking to gain personal enhancement and “come unstuck” with yourself then do consider Katarina…I am very happy that I did!

– Natasha, South Africa

I started my coaching journey with the feeling of tiredness and disorientation. Now, with hindsight, I can see that what I searched for was not so far away, and with Katarina´s help I got tools to find the way. Katarina´s clearness, openness and warmth made me feel secure at the same time as I was challenged in my habitual ways of thinking. I warmly recommend Katarina to all who want to understand themselves better and invest in a life filled with more energy.

– Anna, Sweden

Every time I meet Katarina I get to know myself better. It’s magical, my hidden feelings and unspoken thoughts just want to come out. Katarina is different from other coaches, instead of teaching, she create new experiences. She truly is made for creating this safe and heart space. Thank you so much!

–  Christine, Germany

Before I started the coaching process I often felt dissatisfied and unhappy. Since I started to work with Katarina, I act more instead of making plans. Katarina is a very charismatic and warmhearted person who led the sessions with great empathy and sensibility. She helped me realize that small steps can lead to big changes. There is flow in my life again!

– Gesa, Germany

Katarina is warm and compassionate. The coaching has made me bolder about setting goals and taught me powerful tools to achieve them. When I was feeling “stuck”, Katarina often used humor and quick thinking to help me see my situation in a different light. She had a great feel for when to share her impressions and when to hold back to let me discover insights for myself. I strongly recommend her to anyone seeking a new way of achieving important life goals.


– Jessica, U.S


I truly enjoyed working with Katarina; it was inspiring, fun, heart warming and intelligent. I would deeply recommend her to anyone who wants to reconnect with their heart’s desire.

– Emeli, Sweden